Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Update on Addie's health

I thought since so many people have been asking about her, I would tell you all that I know about Addie right now. Friday we were able to take her to the U of M and have her tested for allergies. As we thought, she was allergic to dairy and eggs. I had to stop nursing her immediately and she was put on a soy based formula. (she was also tested for wheat and soy allergies, but passed those.)
Monday we went back to the hearing clinic and she failed her hearing tests again. The average 7 month old hears at about at 20 (I have NO idea what that means) but she is at 45. Her ear drums are not flexing like they should due to fluid built up behind them. We are waiting on our referral to an E.N.T. to see whether or not surgery is necessary.
Lastly, Addie has had (at least two that we know of) these "spacing out" episodes where we cannot get her out of by shouting, clapping and waving in front of her. She doesn't even respond to touch. We had to shake her to snap her out of one episode. I have talked with her doctor and we are keeping an eye on it. It of course is a concern to us. We would greatly appreciate your prayers. Thank you all for caring for us and being such great friends/family. :)
Here is a cute recent picture of Addie asleep in my arms. :)


Bemily said...

We love you Addie! We cannot wait to see you soon!

Katie's Story said...

Wow, so much going on in such a sweet little girl. She will be in my prayers. Please keep me updated on her health. We missed you guys on Sunday!!