Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer, or Sock Her?

Emma is playing soccer this fall. Her first game was today and we were so excited getting out the door that I totally forgot the camera. :( It was a great day for a game. It was warmer than any game she had last year, and it was supposed to rain, but it stayed dry. I was glad for that. It's no fun to stand in the rain, although I hear it is fun to play in the rain.
The game went without too much excitement. Their team, the blue jays, won 3-2! There was one noted difference in this game from years past. Some how the soccer ball hit Emma in the face. It knocked her glasses off, and she was pretty stunned. She was more upset that they took her out of the game than the huge welt that was growing on her face! She was very happy they let her back in. I haven't figured out if she just didn't see it coming or went in for a header or what. I'm just glad she didn't break her glasses, or something even more important, like her nose! Not exactly what we meant by keeping her head in the game. That girl is so literal. :)
As I said before, I forgot my camera, but I took this one with my phone.

Can you see the soccer ball imprint?


katie godsey said...

She gets her sporty spice instincts from her mother,eh?

Momma to 4 boys said...

She looks like Tomesia in this picture!