Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Better Late than Never?

Is that saying really true? I just was thinking it may be a little silly to be sharing these pictures in DECEMBER, but it was too fun to pass up!
We went to the annual Trunk-or-treat at Rives Baptist Church this year. It's become a family tradition of sorts. We started going there when we lived next door to the church in their mission house the year we were doing partnership development. Emma was three then! So little! Josie was just two months old. It was a LONG time ago. :) We have been going back every year since, and have enjoyed it every year.
This year we did not go as a "group costume" but each of our costumes reflected our interests. Check them out!

Emma was a surgeon. She has said since she was four that she wanted to be a doctor. If this is as close as she gets to that, I am okay with that, but knowing that girl, she probably will be one day!

Josie thought since she had lost so many teeth that she should go as the tooth fairy. I thought that was pretty clever of her!

Adelaide was a little lady bug. SO CUTE!

I asked Josh if he wanted to dress up this year. He said he would dress up as a hunter so he could be warm, so I decided to go as the hunted. :)


thesscurry said...

You are all so uniquely fun! We love you!!

Lizzy and Michael said...

love the costumes, they are so representative of the girls personalities !!!