Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day Merry Making

Memorial day weekend was one for the books. We had a wonderful time at Johnny and Susie's wedding!
The girls had a four day weekend, and we decided to make a trip out of it. I made more money at the yard sale than I expected, so we decided to get a hotel room with a pool to stay at, for a little vacation with the girls. With Josh's deal savvy skilz, he was able to get us booked for two nights at a place for cheaper than one night usually is. Go Babe!
The girls had an amazing time swimming until they could swim no more!
We also had the BEST visit with a few former students (who have become like dear family to us) and it was SO good to see them again!
David and Kristi came from North Carolina. Kristi did all the hair for the wedding, and also sang. She is multi-talented. David tried to help me with my camera, and tried (to no avail) to help me fix it.
Lizzy and her baby Jamin came all the way from Colorado. It was so great to see them again, but we missed her hubby Michael a lot!
We were able to hang out with them for a good long evening. It was the greatest. I am so thankful that the Lord allows things like that to happen. When you think you just may never see everyone together again, and then out of the blue, here we were, eating Mexican food and laughing and talking like old times.
I wish I had amazing pictures for you, but I am having some camera trouble as of late. Here are a couple of pics though.
Mr. and Mrs. Benz

The girls all together again! (my three were sleeping after a LONG day of swimming. :) )

The boys. Jamin was more interested in the floor apparently. :)

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katie godsey said...

I love how many "girls" you have, although in my heart... I wish I was there!!! Happy you found a hotel deal!