Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Field Day 2011

We had the great privilege to go to the girls' field day this year, and cheer them on.
They were so excited about it this year. We made t-shirts with them for the big day, and enjoyed a warm day.
Josie did an awesome job!
She is such a fast runner! She outran all the kids in her class.

Here she is playing a wet sponge toss game.

Check out the back of her shirt sportin' her nickname "Josie Fro-zie" :)


Alex and Elizabeth Minium said...

now wait, did you perm her hair or something???? i tend to think you just curled it for the day...yes?

katie godsey said...

My question exactly - status of Josie's hair?!

Tamara said...

Just sponge curlers! :)

phil and shell said...

How are you guys?? your girls are getting so big! and are still adorable! :)