Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things I Like About Winter

It is just starting to snow again. We haven't really gotten a lot of snow here in Michigan yet. Well, in my neck of the woods anyhow. Anytime we did get snow in the last couple of weeks, we have been out of town.
So, the snow is falling, and Josie, Addie and I are eagerly looking out the window. There is not really enough to play in yet, but maybe when it is done. I want to go play in it now, but I have a meeting soon that I have to go to, and hat head is not my preferred way to wear my hair. After the meeting Emma will come home, and will have homework. Then Josie and Emma are off to ballet, and when we get back we will have just enough time for dinner and bedtime.
So, today we will wait. Occupy ourselves with the things that need to get done. Maybe tomorrow... we will see.
Until then, these are some things I love about winter here in Michigan:

Itty bitty snow boots. They were even cuter when the girls were smaller, but useless, as everyone knows a one year old can't walk in them.

Puppy prints in the snow. These are Sonny's, but any puppy print will do.

A scenic snow scape. I don't really have that big of a yard, but I live across from a park, so I have one heck of a view! Now if I could only get those wires out of the way...

Hot cocoa. Yum! I think even if I didn't like this drink, I would still fix it for all the memories it brings back of me playing in the snow as a kid with my brother and sister. We would come in, sopping wet, and head down to the basement to peel off layer after soggy layer, shaking the little snowballs that stuck to our knit mittens onto the wood burning stove to watch them sizzle. Then we'd head upstairs and make a cup of swiss miss, and I would inevitably burn my tongue until I learned the ice cube trick. :)

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Tomesia said...

ahhh memories. hope you get to enjoy it before it melts.