Monday, January 4, 2010

My Princess is SEVEN!

It is hard to believe that Emma is seven. Even harder to believe that I am a mother of a seven year old.
Yesterday was Emma's birthday. As I was sitting in church, and during the announcements a new baby let out a cry, and suddenly all these memories came back. It was so weird. I wasn't trying to be nostalgic, but there I was, remembering the cold sunny day Emma was born, much like that very moment. Remembering her long skinny feet, and these little pink socks that would not stay on. Remembering how she would curl into this little ball and sleep on my shoulder. THAT is when I can't believe she is seven. When I remember those times. CRAZY!
I tried to get a good picture of my seven year old. Truth be told, these were on the day before her birthday, or as Emma likes to call it, her "Birthday eve".
If any of you have ever tried to take a picture of a seven year old on her birthday (or birthday eve), don't do it right before they open their gifts. They just can't seem to give you a good pic. Case in point:
"Okay, smile!"

"That's okay. I think I'm going to use the flash. Give me a real big smile this time honey."

"I know I said big, but you don't have to hold your arms out. Just a nice pretty smile. Your princess smile."

"That was great honey, but I got glare off your glasses. Let's just try it one more time, just like that, and I'll get into a better position."

"Okay, Smile!"

This one will have to work. I promise I wasn't coming at her with a needle or something. Sheesh.


Tomesia said...

happy birthday Emma. she is a wonderful young lady. so unique. helpful, funny, smart, beautiful. i love and miss her very much. if you want to have a weekend away, i will watch your girlies (you just have to drop them off) give her a kiss for me

Rachel said...

Ok now I feel bad for laughing at the pictures...but your captions are seriously funny! I can just imagine the photoshoot....

Happy birthday, Emma!

the troyers said...

She is seriously going to kill you someday for putting those online!!! Happy Birthday Emma..

Elizabeth Eckard said...

she looks SOOOOO grown up! And SOooo beautiful. I'm not ready for that yet. But I AM ready to see you!!