Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby

We were blessed to be able to host my family's Christmas gathering this year, which did not take place until after the new year, but that is okay! :)
My sister Tomesia and brother-in-law Joe and their three kiddos stayed with us. On Saturday my parents and brother Jason, sister-in-law Shanna and their two kids came out as well. We had the big turkey dinner, and opened gifts. We also squeezing in a mini birthday party for Emma at the end with cupcakes for the kids and Tomesia's yummy cheesecake for the adults. It was a full house, but very comfortable. With the upstairs they gave us this summer, the only time the kids were heard was when we thought the ceiling would come down a couple of times. :)

"Everyone smile or Tamara won't let you eat" Josh tells the family. It's true though. No food for you!

Like a good husband who lives with his wife in an understanding way, he smiles right away. Or, he must be hungry. :)

My cute nephew Alex opening his gifts.

This is me trying to get a picture of the four of us playing Settlers. Josh has no mercy when it comes to games, and he creamed me!


Joseph McNeil said...

Longest road in Catan!

Tamara said...

You may not have won, but you'll always have longest road! :)