Monday, January 18, 2010

My Little Miss Sunshine

It has been a little gloomy this week. Cloudy and overcast, and sloppy. Not cold enough to play in snow, not warm enough to dry up the yard.
That is okay though. I have some sunshine right in my house!
My own "Little Miss Sunshine"
Here she comes!

Oh, it's coming...

There is the sunshine!!!

It just warms me right up!


Anonymous said...

my little nickname for her.
i saw her with this t-shirt on in the hall when josh was around... and i couldn't believe she had a shirt that said "little miss sunshine".

i love your kids!

Borbe Bunch said...

I love your post....we all need some sunshine :) I love her shirt, she is SO cute!!
Thanks for stopping by.....I do enjoy blogging, you can share your heart and even if no one really reads it, it is a piece of you floating around and as people connect with it, I pray that God is glorified, HE is worthy of our praise!
I likewise hope that you can meet our newest littles ones, as well as us meeting yours! One day maybe we can make a trip to day :)
Love you friend....glad we can stay in touch!! I enjoy your heart too!!