Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Down to the Root Problem

Yesterday I visited the dentist. I was just there six months ago for a cleaning. Everything was going well. This was just another routine cleaning and check up.
Then "IT" happened.
Looks of shock.
More Counting.
Then it came.
"I can't believe this, but it seems we will need to work on twelve of your teeth."
I couldn't believe it either! TWELVE??? It's not as though I have given up brushing, or been on an all candy and soda diet for the last six months.
Apparently, my body is flipping out on me. I mean, I never even had a cavity until I was 26,now there is barely a spot where I don't. I guess this can happen when you are working with hormone problems or thyroid problems. Since I have both, I am guessing this is a double whammy.
The work needs to be done soon they tell me. They ask if we have dental insurance. We don't. We couldn't afford it even if we wanted it. The dentist has always been so gracious to us missionaries, giving us a discount at every visit. They say they will see what they can do.
This morning I got the call. With a huge discount they can get it down to one thousand, five hundred dollars.
Did I hear that right? I think I am going to be ill. That is more than we make in a month.
Deep breaths.
Then it comes. A gentle reminder in my head. Don't you know? Your Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills! Have you ever gone hungry? NO! Have you ever gone without clothing or a roof over your head? NO! Have you been blessed time and time again? Of course. Then why worry about your teeth?
So, I ask that you pray for my teeth. That I could keep them all. That I can get them fixed. That it won't hurt.
Mostly, that my smile won't look like this.

Or this.

And also, that I would remember these truths quicker, as I think I was going to pass out on my bathroom floor, which incidentally is where I took the call from the dentist. Hey, what can I say? It is hard to find a quiet place to take a call in my house. Oh, and dentist receptionist lady? Don't worry, I wasn't using the bathroom...really.


Rachel said...

oh. my. goodness. I felt sick FOR you when I heard that from Becky this morning. I am so sorry! But you are right - God is so much bigger than that ridiculous dentists bill! Can't wait to see the ways He comes through...because He always does! Love you, friend.

thesscurry said...

T Momma...
I think that we ought to call Rob... maybe you can come with me to your favorite city... and get some more opinions.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

I might check with another dentist. When I went to a very reputible Christian dentist here in town he had a similar recomendation for my teeth. We switched dentists in the next 6 months and the new dentist only found one that needed immediate work. I have had to have a filling a year since then but it sure does beat having to do them all at once! If you want my dentist's name give me a call. I think the other guy wanted to prevent me from ever having a cavity and to fill all the wholes he knew would get cavities in the future. I hope you are able to work something out!