Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Coming Like No Other...

Today we are going to witness the end of a journey for two very good friends of ours. Today Matthew James Seok-wu will be leaving Korea and finally coming home!
If you haven't yet checked out Brad and Rachel's blog, you should. What an amazing story they have as they trust God through this adoption journey! God is so good!
So, for now I am off. I need to put something in the crock pot for dinner and get the ballet/tap clothes out. My wonderful Dad is going to watch the girls today and a friend is taking Emma and Josie to dance class so we can be there in Chicago when Matthew comes. They have asked me to take pictures and Josh to video. We are both so excited!
Not too long now, and I'll get to meet this cutie! Please pray for the Hunts for everything to go smoothly today.

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David Mize said...

So Awesome to see how the Lord has worked this whole thing out! Can't wait to read more about it soon!
ps. They picked a great photographer/videographer team!