Thursday, September 17, 2009

Football and Family

This past weekend we were beyond blessed to be able to visit some family in Indiana. For at least three years now, Josh and I have been saying that we'd like to go to one of our nephew Winston's football games. This year we were determined to make it happen. We asked Ken (his dad, and also coach) when would be the best time to come see Win play. He gave us a couple weekends, and we ended up picking this one, because Saturday was also Winston's twelfth birthday!
We really enjoyed seeing Ken and Winston's team play (and win 13-0!!!), and it was so fun for the girls to play with their other cousin Cora. Josh and I also loved being able to catch up with Ken and Chris for a little while.
It was a whirlwind weekend, but I'd do it again if I could!

Ken coaching his son, #17 Winston! :)

Here we are trying to get a picture with our nephew. We were so proud! Josie quite resembles a certain uncle of hers...

Winston blowing out twelve candles. I thought it was cool how the candle light left a green reflection on my lens.

You know that your nephew is getting older when he requests red velvet cake for his birthday. I don't think I even knew red velvet cake existed until I was in my early twenties! This was the most delicious red velvet cake I ever had too. That's because my sister-in-law is a master in the kitchen. Way to go, Chris!

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