Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Piano Lessons, Passing Out, and a Pathetic Pooch...

Emma had her first official piano lesson on Monday. She has been learning things here and there from Grandpa and her Daddy, but this was the first actual scheduled lesson. Our upstairs neighbor has agreed to teach her for use of our piano for her to practice. Honestly, I think we are getting the better deal, as she is an amazingly talented pianist, and it is like having a free, private concert in our own home. :)

Just learning...

A little blurry, but you get the idea.

Upon uploading these pictures to my computer so I can blog about Emma's lesson, I found another picture. Now, I'd first like to say that I don't normally like to post pictures of my backside, or really any pictures that are embarrassing of me (unless you have seen this post, which is also kind of embarrassing), but this was too funny and I could not pass it up.

It seems that I must have passed out on Monday night of sheer exhaustion. Or, maybe I was just too lazy to get ready for bed. Either way, Josh took this picture of me, laying on top of a pile of blankets, my boots on the couch (*gasp!), and my face smooshed. I can tell you it was not that comfortable, or at least when I awoke in that position.


The only thing that brings me comfort, is that my dog is just as dorky as I am. No, I rephrase, he is dorkier.

I see those eyes open, you pathetic, desperate for attention fur ball, and I love you for it!


StephG said...

aaahhhhahaha...that is seriously the best picture ever! For real!! I love it. You make me laugh!!

Rachel said...

hahaha that is so great! Is that a little puddle of drool I see...


Fabulous picture and you are right, I enjoyed that very much!! Looking forward to tomorrow night!