Friday, February 27, 2009

David Crowder Band Concert!

We had a BLAST last Thursday at the concert! Josh and I rode with Clint and Keisa and met Chris and Mindy, and Brad and Rachel there. Upon walking in, I felt...old. Now, let me tell you one thing. I actually, am not old at all, but being surrounded by youth groups, and college students started to make me feel old. Well, I spotted some gray haired people, and then I relaxed. :)
The Glorious Unseen opened first. They were okay. I actually like them, but it was a little mellow for an opening act I think.
The David Crowder Band was AWESOME! It was actually like a big praise and worship fest. We just sang with them. (They were SO smart to have the words displayed! Loved it!)
After our awesome concert, and most of us running into people we haven't seen in a while (Like Josh and his old high school classmate, or Keisa and a guy she knew when she lived in Papua New Guinea as an MK!!!) we went for some frozen custard at Culver's. It was great because we have a friend who works there. It was so fun to see her in her little blue visor! :)
So, I am a lame-o who did not bring my camera, but Rachel gave me full permission to steal her photos from the night, and if you would like to see her blog post about it, you can go here.
I LOVE this picture. Not only is it a great pic of some of my closest friends on this earth, but Josh looks 19 in this picture and that makes me giggle, as he is FAR from 19. :)


I just thought it was a really cool picture with the lights and hands in the air. That round thing in the back is where they projected all the words.

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