Sunday, February 15, 2009

If Music Be the Food of Love, Sing On!

Josh and I were invited by our friends Richard and Joyce to join them for dinner and an evening with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra! We had such a wonderful time. First we went to this little Italian Restaurant off of M-50 Giglio's (or something like that) and we had wonderful food and even more wonderful conversation.
After dinner we went to the Potter Center and enjoyed an awesome evening full of Gershwin, and Berlin and Rodgers and Dickau. It was a lovely night full of beautiful music! We had such a great time with our friends as well. Thanks guys!

All gussied up with my funny valentine. :)

Josh also brought me these, with a lovely gift from the Swan Creek Candle Co.

Tulips are my favorite flower.

What a magnificent creation from an Almighty Creator!

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Sarah said...

i took that picture! :D
love you guys!!