Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great News, and Weird Happenings

First for the good news...Addie no longer has allergies!!! We went to see her doctor last week and she passed her skin tests, and today we had the results of the blood test. This is super exciting!!! She is able to start with baked goods, and by six months, we should be able to be eating eggs and drinking milk. We celebrated the news at lunch with her first EVER cookie, which she promptly spit out. I don't think she is used to sweet. It was funny. Here are some recent pics of my cutie pie!
Adelaide happy at the beach.

Looking for some sand. :)

Okay, now onto the weird. This morning I woke up with my eye totally swollen shut! I have no idea what happened, but I couldn't open my eye. Josh thinks maybe it was a spider bite. My eye wasn't red, and there was nothing leaking (sorry if that grossed you out!), so that kind of leaves a lot of things out. I am going to the Doctor at 2pm to see what he thinks.

My eye this morning. (The other one was shut because of the bright flash).

This is me trying to open my eye.

It has gotten a little better. I just took this picture. I am still going to go in though, and see what they think. Any guesses?


Rachel said...

So happy for your good news about Addie!

I once had an eye swell shut because I got an infection from borrowing a friend's mascara! Grace had one swell shut this summer cuz of a mosquito bite. Can't wait to hear what yours is!

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

What great news about no allergies! That must feel so great! Praise God.

I hope your eye feels better soon. I am curious what cause the swelling. My eyes used to swell up like that when I was a kid. I think it was from allergies though.

Katie's Story said...

YAY for the good news about Addie! What an answer to prayer! That's just amazing that she'll be able to eat all the "normal" foods soon!
So sorry about your eye! Could it be a sty (how do you spell that?)? Does it hurt? I hope they can figure out what it is!

Bekah said...

That is great news about Addie's allergies!

Lindsey said...

That happened to my sister Leanna. She woke up with a nasty swollen eye on the day she flew back here from Vietnam. She looked so bad, no one wanted to sit next to her on the plane, so she got a whole row to herself! She said people would start to sit down, she would look at them, then they would get awkward and leave. Hm. Maybe this is a sign you should come visit me on a plane.

Julie said...

Yay for the good news! I'm sure it won't be long before she's asking for the sweets! :)
I have no idea what could be happening with your eye. I'm very curious to find out about it.

thesscurry said...

OK - What gives. Josh didn't even say that you were having issues. He did mention that Addie was not allergic... so either that means that you were better at the time of conversation - or it was allergies - or you had your eye taken out! (I doubt the last is the case) Update please

Tamara said...

Blogger is being irritating and won't let me post. I guess I'll just have to wait.
As far as my eye goes, the doctor did not know what was wrong. The swelling went down in two days. So, not very exciting at all I guess.