Monday, November 3, 2008

Trunk-or-Treat and Jack-o-lanterns So Sweet!

This year our trip out to Rives Baptist church for their annual trunk-or-treating party was great! With the time change being later this year, it was still light out for most of the evening. It was so neat because you could see everyone's costumes. Emma was a medieval maiden with a dress grandma made her for her fourth birthday, and a long wig. :) Josie was Blue from Blue's clues, and Addie was the rooster that Josie was last year. Oh, and we can't forget Sonny! He went as Underdog. Yes, we took our dog. :) He wasn't the only dog there dressed up either!
We had cider and donuts, listened to a band play praise music, went for a hay ride and pony rides, and we can't forget all the candy! It was a fun time for all.
Meet Underdog! Or as our friend Amanda put it "Under-bite dog"! :)

My little cuties. They were NOT wanting to do a photo shoot.

Before we went we carved some pumpkins.

Josie still hates getting her hands all "gooey".

Emma likes it! :)

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Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Great pumpkins!

What was it with the kids not wanting to cooperate with pictures this year?!? They are cute just the same.

I, like you, really enjoyed the fact that it was still light out! It was so fun actually seeing all the kids instead of shadows!