Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Hunter is Home...

...and he came home with a 10 Point Buck!!!
Josh had been gone since Thursday night. We missed him so much! That's a long time away from someone you love.
We are all so proud of him.
The girls kept saying over and over, "Thank you, Daddy!"
Josie kept looking at the deer and saying "He's so tasty!" Hilarious! :)
Here are some pictures Josh took while he was up north. Enjoy!

This is where Josh spent hours and days waiting for a shot. (Don't tell the deer!) :)

My burly hunter. Doesn't he look very grizzled? That orange was so bright you can even see it in black and white! :)

Even in the woods he has an artistic eye. Awesome shot, babe!

That's right! Ten Points! Pretty good for only his second time hunting!

Seriously, this guy is HUGE!

I'm so happy he's home! My Hero!

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thesscurry said...

Great shot Josh... literally and photographically. We were praying along with your family that you would get a "good one"... looks like that happened. Congrats.

Rachel said...

ha I love how the deer looks ALIVE in that one picture! Creepy! Very impressive deer though - way to go Josh :)

StephG said...

awww...the last picture is cute! Nice "catch"...handsome deer. (can deer be handsome?)

Oregon Criss's said...

Good Job! That is a big buck! Super happy for your 'extra' blessings this year! God is GOOD!

RhiannonsJourney said...

Great hunting Josh!! Love the pictures!