Monday, November 17, 2008

Missing the Man in Our Life...

Josh has been off in the cold, wet woods, trying to bring home a deer for our family so we have meat this year. We are all very grateful, but are missing him so!
How do we stay busy while the main man in our life is gone? Besides me speaking at a youth retreat, going on a shopping adventure with Nana on her birthday, carpool to school, work, church, choir practice, youth group home invasion, more school and work... we mostly just like to play dress up at home. :)
Jesus, please keep our Josh safe and warm, and bring him home soon!
Emma likes to play Mom. Who was surprised by that statement?

Peek-a-boo Addie!

Sonny pretending to be one of the girls. Hey, at least we didn't dress him up in a tu-tu!

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thesscurry said...

cutie pies... I can't wait to get the kids together to play again.