Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where I Have Been All Your Life...

...No that is not some mixed up pick-up line, but more of an explanation to my lack of blogging. You see, the girls and I took a road trip down to see my sister Tomesia and her family. When we arrived, we had a crazy fun time catching up, and hanging out. I went to come home on Sunday (almost two weeks ago) but as I was loading the kiddos in the van, Josh called. "You can't come home" he said. There was a terrible snow storm coming, and he didn't want me to drive through it. Monday he called again. We would have to wait yet another day because an ice storm was coming. We came home on Tuesday evening, played catch up with the rest of the week, and then I got very sick on Saturday. I got the flu, and then strep. That was for about a week, and then Josh got the flu, and Josie got strep. They are still sick, and we are praying Addie and Emma don't get it. It is NO fun.
Now that I am feeling a little better, I wanted to blog a little about our trip down to Indy. We were able to take this trip because the girls had Friday and Monday off of school (and Tuesday, because of the ice storm! We didn't know that yet though.) We went down Thursday after school. The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins, and I had a fun time going to antique shops with my sister, eating Chick-fil-a with her, Joe and the kids (hey, we don't have Chick-fil-a up here!) and just chillin out at their house.
The highlight of my visit though would have to be seeing Tomesia and Joe's band, Somewhere Familiar, play in concert. I knew these guys were good. I have their cd, and have heard Joe and Tomesia play for upwards of 12 years with little jam sessions at my parents house, but nothing could prepare me for their live show. They are SO talented. It was a very special thing to see my sister up on stage. I loved it!

My sister, the rock star.

Somewhere familiar is great. Let me know if you'd like a cd. I am their biggest fan! :)

Alex, Emma and Solomon loved playing Batman all weekend.

Pretty sure these two would be inseparable if we lived closer. Ivy and Josie were attached at the hip all weekend.


Tomesia said...

I didn't know you had strep! That's awful! It was great having you all down here. I love the pictures!

katie godsey said...

Hope every one is on the mend; winter is so tough! Glad you had such a nice visit - the kids all look so big, and a lot alike, and oh my goodness your sister looks like your mom.
And when can we go to Boston?

Marilyn said...

So glad you were able to go on your trip to see your sis!! Going to see her perform sounds amazing! I love things like that!!!!!!!! How fun!!!!

Glad you are feeling better!!

Miss you!