Thursday, February 17, 2011

Second Grade Choir Concert

Last week was the second grade choir concert at the girls' school. It was a short and sweet performance about the "freedom train".
Most of the concert was really great. Emma got a solo, and she did great! I am so proud of my girl!
The only part of the evening that wasn't so great was the little boy who kept pestering Emma through out the whole performance! He kept touching her hair, talking to her during the songs, and at the very end was popping out from behind her from side to side. I was so afraid Emma was going to deck the kid! The worst part is, he is my friend's son! What do you say to that?! Ah well, kids will be kids. :)

Here is the choir singing. Emma is in the middle.

Here she is singing her solo. She even surprised her parents! That girl can sing!

Emma with Mrs. Barnes, one of her music teachers.

Here is Emma with her other music teacher, Ms. Rockwell. She loves them both SO much!


Angie B said...

aww fun fun!

katie godsey said...

Emma looks so grown up! She got her mom's singing genes, I guess. Way to go ladies!