Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goodbye Sonny

Monday we had to put our Sonny down. Even though he hasn't been with us that long (it would have been three years this May) he has become a big part of our children's lives. Hey, when you are only four years old, three years is a long time to have a dog!

I am sad. It's not so much about the dog (don't get me wrong, I do miss Sonny. He was a constant companion. My walking buddy. My greeter when I came home. My foot warmer when I would watch tv, or read, or blog). The thing I am most sad about is that I can't protect my kids from hurt. I can't make this sinful world unbroken. There are going to be many times that they will be hurt deeply in life. I wish it wasn't the case, but there is no way around that. I will say this; I am very thankful for the hurt. They can learn from hurt. I can learn from hurt too.

Sonny's death is the first real time Josie and Addie have had to deal with that in life. We have had some great conversations since Sonny has gone. Conversations about life before sin, and life now after. Conversations of life after death. Conversations on how painful it must have been for God to give His only son, Jesus. (We just lost a pet. Imagine loosing your son?)

So, farewell Sonny. You were a good pet. You brought more to our family than one could have imagined when getting a dog. You are helping Adelaide see.

Always smiling... not just an underbite.:)

Here he is, just a puppy at the lake. He always looked like an old dog, even as a puppy.

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Marilyn said...

I feel for your family ... your kids! I know Sonny was so loved! A treasuered pet! :)

Regarding kids and hurt ... I know what you mean. Seeing my kids hurt is by far the most difficult area of our family's mission with children. Seeing our children's heart's hurting is close to unbearable! Hugs to you!!!!!!!!!