Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Fling 2011

Last weekend the Campus Life group put on their annual "Spring Fling".They put a lot of work into setting up the event, and it showed!

The theme was Hollywood, and everyone was to come dressed as their favorite movie character. After a yummy dinner in the beautifully decorated dining hall, we went to watch the talent show.

This year I decided to take the girls along. They performed in last years show, but we just watched this time. They are getting a little older, and can handle events like this,and late nights. It was a fun evening.

There was 900 balloons on the ceiling!!!

This is one of the acts from the talent night. They were so good! Who knew there was so much talent at New Tribes? :)

Josie went as Cinderella. It was kind of funny that her shoes kept falling off. This was not on purpose, they were just too big. We made it work though!
Addie was Sleeping Beauty. This is pretty accurate as I didn't take their pictures until we came home. They were all sleepy!

Emma went as Wendy Darling from Peter Pan.

It was fun to have the girls participate in the evening. They got to go to church the next day telling their friends they were up all night at a college party. Just kidding... they were in bed by ten. :)

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Loving Life said...

HOW FUN! Remember our own events back in '98-00? We had a basic room with little/no decoration or style at each event- and look at it now! The school looks like a REAL snazzy school with real events! :) GOOD JOB!!!!