Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curly Q!

The other day Josie asked if I could put her hair in sponge curlers after her bath. I wasn't sure how it would come out because her hair is so short, but I thought "Why not? It's a snow day."
I had to put them in pretty tight so they didn't fall out. She slept with them in her hair all night without complaining.
The next morning when I took them out, they were VERY tight. They looked as though I hadn't even removed the curlers.

I thought that perhaps some brushing would help. I was unaware of what would happen...

She quickly got the name "Fro-sie" from Josh. Little Josie's hair was crazy unmanageable! I was so glad it was a snow day! It was a good idea, gone very, very bad.
We finally came up with a hair-do that would work.

I thought it was kind of cute in the end. Josie wishes she could have curly hair every day. :)


Marilyn said...


Alyssia and I say it looks perfect - perfectly beautiful!!!!!!! :)

(I am super surprised it curled so well!)

With love,

StephG said...

That was just what I needed this morning! I LOVE it! I started giggling & had to look at the pictures again & again.

I'm gonna go look at them again now...

Then I'm gonna try this with Afton...after I get some rollers!

StephG said...

Yup! Giggled again! The transition from the tight curls to the brushed out curls gets me every time!

This is the best post!!

So cute & so perfect!

Tamara said...

It makes me laugh every time too! I've got it as my desk top. :)

katie godsey said...

I feel like I spent all of my teen years living out Josie's hair day! You totally helped her rock the curls though. And, btw, if you guys lived closer, Monday coffee would be even better, my friend!!

Tamara said...

Josie says thank you to Alyssia! :)

Katie, I think I may have seen some of those pictures. he he he