Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let the Preparations Begin!

Addie and I started bright and early with the Thanksgiving day preparations. After all, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!!! She is such a great help in the kitchen. :)
First I made the crust. I showed her how, but it is kind of a delicate thing, so she just watched that part. After the crust was made, she help make one of her Daddy's favorites: Pecan pie! YUM!
With a trip to the store, a trip to the Bible school to say our goodbyes, and an upcoming trip (in a few minutes!) to Emma's class for her Thanksgiving party, we are not as far along as we'd like to be, but the day is still young! :) At least we got the favorite dish made.
What is your favorite Thanksgiving day dish? Are you going traditional this year with your menu, or mixing it up with say, enchiladas?

Crust is made, and we are getting ready to start the filling.

Josh brought me the perfect pick me up for a day in the kitchen! Thanks for the cinnamon dolce latte Josh! It was perfect!

You can never have too many helpers in Mama's kitchen. :)


Cal said...

My family is going "Italian" for this Thanksgiving. My sister is making a 3-cheese Lasagna.
My family has sort of made it a tradition to NOT be traditional for Christmas and it has now spread to Turkey Day. hahaha!

Marilyn said...

Looks like you and Addie had a very sweet time together preparing for Thanksgiving! :) What special memories made!