Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turkey Bowl 2010

The Saturday before Thanksgiving holds a tradition here at New Tribes Bible Institute. It is the day of our annual Turkey Bowl!
The Turkey Bowl is a staff vs. students football game where the students remind the staff that they are all old. Remember Turkey Bowl 2008? Well, that was the closest we ever got to winning since we have been on staff!
This year was supposed to be different though. This was the year that we had the interns on our team. These guys are still in their early 20's, at the peak of football playing age. Surely they could help the staff be victorious this year, right?
Well, that was the plan anyhow...

The staff are in black. Why is no one catching this guy!!!

Joshy, you're lookin good!

I like this photo for two reasons. #1 The student in the back looks like he is about to face plant #2 It was our only touchdown of the whole game.

Why are these students cheering? Well, they may have beaten us by a couple of touch downs, but you didn't hear it from me!

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