Friday, November 20, 2009

Growing Up!

Look who's growing up (without even asking her Mommy if it was okay)!
I was just taking pictures the other day and I thought Addie looked cute so I snapped a couple of shots. When I uploaded them to the computer I couldn't believe what a big girl she looked like. She is my baby! Then I realized, she really isn't a baby anymore. She is no longer in a crib. She drinks from a regular cup, is potty trained, and doesn't eat in a high chair. It is official. I have three girls. No babies.
I think she looks like Emma sometimes, just with curly hair, but in this picture Addie kind of has her own look.
Pssst! Did you notice her ears?


Tomesia said...

she is a little lady, isn't she?

Rachel said...

So sweet, and such a big girl!