Friday, October 17, 2008

My Three Blessings

I am so thankful for the three perfect gifts God gave us... our daughters! They bring such joy to our lives each day.
Emma told me last night all teary eyed how thankful she was that I was not invisible, because then she'd never see me. :)
Josie is mixing up her "she's" and "her's". She says things like "My baby is hungry. Her really needs some food."
Addie loves to play fetch with Sonny. Her first sentence was "No, Sonny, No!!!"
As I type this Addie is sitting on my lap yelling "Emma!" at the picture she sees. :)
Thank you, Lord, for the beauty and wonder my girls bring me each day.
Emma playing in the leaves at a roadside park.

Josie. The forever cheese ball.

It's hard to get a shot of Addie these days. She is always on the go!


Bekah said...

You have three BEAUTIFUL daughters! I think Emma and Addie look like the Fraziers side and Josie looks more like the Mathew side! Any way they are beuatiful

StephG said...

I love the pictures of your girls! So pretty...

It's amazing how fast they grow up!