Sunday, October 19, 2008

He's a Lumberjack and He's O.K.

Saturday we spend the day at our good friends Steve and Denise's house with them, and Brad and Rachel. The guys worked hard cutting a pesky tree down that was way too close to their house, while the ladies watched them work hard! I can't believe how fast they got this tree down! After they were done being lumberjacks, we all went inside and had some yummy chili for lunch and the ladies stayed inside to visit as the guys did MORE work with a shed! We have some very hard working husbands! Next time us ladies will have to work on a project while the men have a day to relax. :)
Here is the aforementioned tree.

Josh was the one to climb the tree. (Anyone surprised that he volunteered for that job?) :)

Brad and Steve told Josh where to cut, and did all the hauling of the heavy branches.

We had a great time from our seats, cheering them on! :)

Josh made it to the top.

This might give you a better angle! I can't believe he is up so high!!!

Our hard working hubbies pose for a pic. :)


Rachel said...

I love that last picture :) We had such a fun day with you guys! By the way - loved the comment about coupons you left - you are the one that inspired me to start paying more attention to deals!!!

Bemily said...

Pardon my french, but my brother is a bad@$$!

Lindsey said...

He's a lumberjack and he's okay...but does he press wildflowers and put on women's clothing, too? Yikes!

Lindsey said...

Also, he seriously needs a good lumberjack shirt. The plain black/gray just doesn't say "lumberjack" to me. Hm, maybe I'll go put on my lumberjack shirt in honor of your lumberjackyness. =) What a fabulous word. In case you missed it, it was lumberjackyness.