Friday, February 22, 2008

Emma's surgery

Everything went well! They removed what turned out to be one really big lesion from her foot. They called it a benign fibroma, whatever that means. We are just so thankful that everything is okay and that our girl is healthy!
Emma is doing a lot of resting right now, looking at books, watching movies, and coloring. She is bored though. This girl does not like to be down. Please pray for her recovery. Saturday morning we are going to the doctor so she can look at the incision.
Thank you all so much for all of your encouraging words and most of all your prayers!
I'll post some pictures soon. My computer decided to die this week, so it makes for posting pictures a little difficult.


The Abbotts said...

YAH! Guys we are thrilled with you!

Love you guys,

Bekah said...

That is excellent News Tamara! I will continue to pray for her recovery!

Bemily said...

I'm so thankful (and proud) that the new generation of Mathew children have a problem staying seated too. I was really hoping that trait wasn't going the way of the Buffalo. Happy and still praying for you guys and her in Texas!!!!

thesscurry said...

We're all really thankful... for you and for great news too. Love you all. As for the sitting still ~ um yeah, good luck with that one. I think that gene is extinct in Mathew children.