Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The MRI results

The results are in. Emma's head scan was all clear! Praise God! We are so thankful for this news. They did find three lesions on her left foot though. They would like to do surgery to remove these soon. We are just waiting on all the right paperwork with our medicaid to do it. They will do a frozen biopsy while she is under, and depending on the results they may send her to the U of M for a full body scan, to see if there is any other masses.
Please keep our little in your prayers. We will keep you updated when we learn more.
Fishy kiss.

"I'm gonna eat your nose!"

I love these guys!!!


Kent and Marilyn said...

GREAT NEWS about Emma's head MRI! Please keep us updated about the surgery, though! Thank you,


Julie said...

That's wonderful news! I'm very happy to hear that her MRI is fine. We will definitely keep her in our thoughts and prayers for the surgery!

Bemily said...

I love all three of those pictures!

superchic(k) said...

You have some beautiful girls.