Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Emma's eye update

Today was the appointment for Emma at the U of M's Kellogg eye center. They told us that Emma has an astigmatism and is slightly far sighted. So, our little girl is going to get glasses! They also said that her right eye turning inward is most likely not caused by the far sightedness because it is so slight. They are scheduling an MRI, but I do not have a date for that. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers!
I wanted to post these pictures of Emma and Josie. The first one was last year and the second one was from this year. I cannot believe Josie could fit in the same jammies! Man, have they grown in one year, or what?!?!
Christmas 2006

Christmas 2007


The Abbotts said...

Good update guys. We are so glad to hear that so far there is nothing to serious. We will be praying for that MRI. Oh and WHAT CUTE GIRLS you have!!

Aren't they the greatest!

Jim for us 4

Borbe Bunch said...

Your girls are so precious!!!
Great Christmas pictures you shared...I LOVE this time of year...the only thing missing for us here in MO is snow!! We had a very slight dusting...of course it melted right away :) I kinda don't mind, cause I don't like driving in the white stuff, but of course the kiddos LOVE it and pray for it all the time! Guess we would have to visit Michigan to enjoy the snow, huh?? :) Thanks for "checking in" on us on our blog, I like to see what your sweet family is up to too!!
God bless you all as you start your new year...
I will pray for Emma and her eye, for Mamma and peace through it all.
Lizy for the Bunch :)

Kent and Marilyn said...

Dear Mathew Family,

Thank you for updating us on Emma's eye.

Emma, how exciting to be getting glasses! Karter has just been mentioning that he really "needs" to go to the eye doctor incase he needs glasses. He wants them. (he may need them - we'll see) Emma you will look so pretty in the pair you choose!! :)

With love,

The Fannins