Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spicer's with Nana and Papa

Saturday we went with my Mom and Dad to Spicer's orchard, a perfect way to celebrate the autumn season! We had a really good time! The girls loved playing around in the kiddy area. Josie loved the miniature town. Emma tried the zip line and fell off the first time. I was SO proud of her, because she got up (after a big fall, and a bit of embarrassment) and tried again. She went three times! My big girl!
We met up with my brother Jason, sis-in-law Shanna, and Ashlyn and Cayden. It was good to hang out again.
My Dad bought some fresh pressed cider and hot out of the fryer donuts for all of us! Thanks, Dad! Addie looking silly.

Josie peaking out of one of the windows of the miniature town.

Me and my Mom! I love you, Mom!

Look! My Emma can fly!

Josie in a different atmosphere. :)


Rachel said...

I am so glad blogspot finally let you upload! Your girls look so cute. I love fall too!

Bekah's ever Changing life said...

Hey Tamara,

I was at Barakel this weekend and got pictures of Josh and I would like to email them to you but I don't have your email address. If you can some how get it to me so I can send you these pictures. Thanks

(P.S. I gave sticky buns to Josh for you and the girls too)