Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn is here!

This time of year is my favorite! Josh isn't really that fond of the fall. It is too gray and depressing to him, but to me, there is nothing better.
Even on cloudy, overcast days, my heart is filled with warmth, thinking of fond memories of my childhood. I remember helping my dad bring in the firewood. The sound of your steps as you trample through the leaves. Tomesia, Jason and I used to play in the barn, and make forts. They were secret forts though, so when we referred to them, we called them "cow". "Hey, let's go to the cow!" Oh, how sneaky we were!
All that to say that, autumn is here, and I am overjoyed. I am now making new memories to cherish with my own children. I hope that fall becomes one of their favorite times of year too!
We went to Spicer's orchard and got some great pictures of the girls by with the pumpkins. :) Josie and Daddy finding a pumpkin.

My lil punkin.

Three little cuties in the pumpkin patch!

Josie still is so little! :) I feel like Addie is catching up to her!

When the wind blew, it got chilly. They look a little frozen in this pic.

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