Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby Dedication Sunday

This past Sunday Josh and I stood before our church family and shared with them our desire to raise Josie and Addie in a loving Christian home, where they will hear the truth of God's love through his son Jesus. (We dedicated Emma when she was 4 months old). This was an exciting time, as nine children were dedicated that day. How exciting to know that these families have the same desires to raise their kids in the will of God. :) My friend Rachel took some pictures for me. (Thanks, Rach!)
Pastor Steve reading from Deuteronomy 6.

Pastor Glyn praying for Adelaide. We were all smiling because she was talking during the whole prayer. :)

A prayer for Josephine and for her future husband. (Not that there are any prospects right now. Ha! )

I wish Emma was in this picture.

Look how sweet Josie is, snuggling with her Daddy!

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