Monday, January 23, 2012

My Baby's Birthday

Today Adelaide turned five. I would like to say that we spent the day in utter celebration, but the reality is that there was too much life going on to stop and make today incredible...and I am feeling utter guilty about it.
The girls had school so there was the morning hustle and bustle. Josie forgot her project at home, so another trip to school before ten AM. Josh had a meeting during lunch, so no lunch with Daddy. I even had to go buy her birthday presents for her with her today. I think this is the very last year I can get away with that without her noticing.
So as the night was winding down, and I was feeling like a failure, I realized something; Addie wasn't comparing me to other mothers. She wasn't even comparing this birthday with her sister's, or even her other birthdays. Addie was just excited to be five!
So maybe Mac and Cheese (the kind out of the blue box) is not my idea of a great dinner, but it was her birthday dinner request so it was perfect. Maybe the pie stayed a little too long in the oven, but she didn't care. Today was a great day.
So I decided today was a great day for me too.
Happy Birthday my sweet Adelaide. You have made these last five years the best five years of my life.
Make a wish!


Alex and Elizabeth Minium said...

You know she loved EVERY MINUTE of her birthday and you know she thought you made it so special. :) You are a great mom and she is such a wonderful little girl...I wish I was there to help you celebrate!!

bamiller said...

I'm glad she enjoyed it!! Love that girly!