Monday, December 6, 2010


The week of the Turkey Bowl, we have a "spirit week" at our school. These are just fun days where the college students dress up as ___ (their favorite Bible character, superhero, hillbilly, nerd, you name it). Well, on Friday it was "Ninja vs. Pirate"day. Addie SO wanted to dress up, so we made her into a little pirate. (Team Pirate all the way!)
I must say, she made the cutest pirate ever!

This pirate scowl is complete with a nasty scar! :)

No shivering timbers here. This pirate has nice sturdy sea legs instead of a peg leg.

You have to wear some of your pirate booty, right?

Now all this little pirate needs is a ship!


Marilyn said...

TOO cute! She is so adorable!

Laine said...

How adorable! Looks like you guys are having fun at the BI!