Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TWO Cool for School!

Josh and I now have TWO daughters in school! That's right. Josie is an official kindergarten baby.

Yesterday was the first day. Josie seemed really excited to join the ranks of the formally educated, while Emma wished for another week or two of summer. Addie was sad that she didn't get to put a uniform on, and that she has two wait to years for her turn to go to school.

It will come faster than you think, Addie. Trust me on this one.

Are you all ready cute little kindergarten girl?

Such a serious second grader. :)

Look at how BIG their back packs are!

Daddy can make anything exciting!


Lizzy and Michael said...

thanks mara :)

Tomesia said...

That's a Ticonderoga pencil! That is exciting. Okay, I'm nerdy enough to have a favorite brand of pencils.

Sheri said...

They are so cute!!!