Friday, September 10, 2010

The Difference Two Years Make

The first day of school this week made me think of the first day of school two years ago. I was new to the whole "kid in school" parenting thing. To be honest, I was petrified. I really did not want to send Emma away. I was afraid what I would miss out on in her life. I was afraid she would have horrible influences in her life that would change my little girl forever.
Fast forward two years. My Jo Jo is starting kindergarten. She goes to all day when Emma only went half days (which they no longer offer). I was comfortable dropping Josie off, because I know her teacher. She was Emma's teacher, and the best teacher I could have ever dreamed of for my kids. I am not as scared about the changes in Josie's life, because Emma showed me in many ways I was wrong. Emma was able to make good choices about friends, and how she spent her time without me hovering and picking for her, and you know what? Even when Emma didn't, that was okay too. They are going to fail sometimes. She is (they are all)growing up. I can't keep them from that. They are making mistakes, and learning from them. I am here to be excited that they got a "good job" sticker on their paper, be the comforter when they struggle with new math problems, help them make the right choices when they are asked to sit next to a mean kid.
Maybe this journey is in more ways going to grow me than them.

Emma's first day of kindergarten. 2008

Josie's first day of kindergarten. 2010

Sending Emma off to school. 2008

Sending Josie and Emma off to school. 2010
I can't believe how much they have grown in two years!

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