Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Budding" Artist

We went down to Ohio for Memorial day weekend and visited with Josh's parents and extended family.
What a gorgeous weekend it was! Their yard was in full bloom, and Emma just couldn't resist trying to draw some of the new flora. Her Momma couldn't resist watching her work. She looked so cute out there by the roadside, trying to figure out how to draw different flowers.
She used to always ask me to draw something for her. I would answer "You try it first". Now she is learning she is better than she once thought. I love that she loves to draw. It is so neat to see your children grow in their gifts and abilities. I am also happy to see she shares my love of flowers. :)

I am spying on her. :)

She still hasn't seen me yet. :)

Working hard at her artwork.

Give your Mommy a smile. :)

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