Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Beat Goes On...

Today started out as any other. Emma is off to school, and I get Josie and Addie dressed and eating breakfast, so I can get ready myself. That is where the normal ends for the day.
This morning Josie called out to me while she was eating breakfast that her chest hurt. I called her over and her little heart was pounding out of her chest. I couldn't think how that happened. She wasn't running around. She was just sitting next to her little sister, eating her bowl of rice chex.
She felt better after a minute, so I thought nothing of it. Today was to be a good day. Today was play group day! I think I look forward to Tuesdays as much (if not more) than my kids because I have a morning to be with my dear sisters in Christ, encouraging each other, praying for each other, and generally just having a good time! Today was an even more special Tuesday because the group was meeting at one of my friend's house for a picnic lunch. After a couple hours there, we get in the car to go home. I ask Josie how she is doing. She mentioned she had another "fast beating" as she calls it while we were there. I thought I should find somewhere and pull over to call the doctor because we were already on that side of town. As I pulled in, she is clutching her chest, saying her head hurts, and her arm too! So as I recover from a mini freak out moment, I grab my cell and call the office. They couldn't see her because they were booked so they told me to call another office. They could not see her either, but strongly suggested we go to the urgent care clinic.
When we got there, they gave her an ekg. After reading the test, they determined she was having premature atrial contractions (or PAC), and they sent us to the ER.
After a couple of very uncomfortable hours there (having blood work done, and I.V. in, and x-ray of her chest and stomach and another ekg) the doctors determined that she would be okay. The PAC would be something she could go her whole life and not even know she had it. Josie however, had a huge gas bubble in her tummy that was pressing on her vagus nerve, and it caused her heart to race. I couldn't believe all of this was happening because she had to burp!
When we left, they told us to call our doctor (which will be done first thing tomorrow!) and they will determine if we need to follow up with a pediatric cardiologist to check on her extra lub in her lub dub (as Josh calls it.) :)
Today as I was cuddled up with Josie in my lap, I just was overwhelmed with what a miracle our human bodies are. Just the complicated workings of the heart alone are so awesome. I was doing really well until I got home tonight. As they were going to bed, I let the worry and stress of the situation get the best of me. What if it was something worse? What if she didn't get to come home with us? I can't let those thoughts get to me. Worry can tear you apart and jump all over the pieces if you let the "what ifs" keep coming.
Josie got a lot of extra squeezes and smooches tonight. She just might wake in the morning to find her mommy cuddled in bed with her too.
My silly, sweet Josephine. I thank God for this precious gift!


Chrissy Chubb said...

Oh my word!! Wow, that is scary, but I'm so glad that she is okay and that you were able to go figure out what was wrong. Give her an extra kiss for me.

Ryan said...

Glad to hear she's ok! Your girls are so much fun. Appreciate you guys.

-Ryan Kurvits

Craig and Kayla said...

so glad that things seem to be resolved! I have a friend who had the same thing...that ended up being a gas issue...odd!

Julie said...

Wow Tamara - Thank God everyday for our miracles for sure! I hope she never has to burp like that again :0) I had a similar ER incident in Nov (heart was beating 180 bpm) and they had to sedate me by IV for 10 min to defibulate my heart...so scary!!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

Mathew Meanderings said...

For the record, it was Auntie Emily who should get credit for the "pre-beat to the 'lub' of 'lub-dub" comment... Not me. Thanks for translating!

Tomesia said...

Oh my goodness!!! I would have been worried too!! Give her some cuddles from the family down here and I can't wait to see all of you in a few weeks!