Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Choir Performance

Sometimes things go better than you could ever plan. When I went into my surgery, I was told it would be a three to four day recovery. When I came out, they said four to six WEEKS!
This sure put a rift in our plans. One of those plans was a week long trip with the students to WAYUMI and learn what a tribal missionary really looks like. I was SO looking forward to this trip. It was going to be great to see the students reactions, as well as revisit a place that was our home for a year.
When we found out we could not go, we let the teachers know that Emma wasn't going to be missing school for a week as we previously thought. Her teacher said she was glad because she was counting on Emma for the choir performance.
Little did we know how much she was counting on her! Emma was given a solo. Not just a line of a song and seven other kids have one too. She was the only soloist to sing in the performance (except for the opening Star Spangled Banner). She sang the song "Let's go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins, with the choir singing at the chorus. It was so fun! She was also one of a few students selected to play an instrument. :)
Her concert was my first outing since my surgery. I am so glad I made it! Josh was wonderful enough to get pictures for me as I needed to stay seated. He got some great shots!

Emma singing her solo!

Here she is singing with the choir.

Playing the xylophone.

Posing with her music teacher.


Anna said...

So cute. Hope your recovery is going well!

Tamara said...

Thank you Anna! I am happy to say I am feeling 100% now. :)

thesscurry said...

I bet that was a shining mommy moment!