Friday, May 21, 2010

More AWANA Excitement!

I have been super slow at posting lately, and although it is a couple of weeks late, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share in something that Josh and I were very excited about.
A couple weeks ago was the AWANA awards night. It was a night to celebrate all the kids have achieved the past year in AWANA.
I know I have mentioned AWANA before, but here is an interesting tidbit for you... Did you know that Lance Latham, one of the founding fathers of New Tribes Mission (the mission organization that Josh and I serve with) is the same man who founded the AWANA ministry?
This awards ceremony is certainly not a big show. We were just proud of how hard Emma and Josie worked at memorizing scripture. I still have Bible verses that come to mind that I learned back when I was in AWANA. Emma had finished her second book in Sparks, and Josie finished her first book in Cubbies!
We enjoyed an evening of fellowship with friends while feasting on hot dogs and jello!

Emma getting a hug from her section leader, and good friend!

Josie with her first book award.

Emma and Josie show off their awards with their buddies Gavin and Brandon.

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kranderson said...

My name is Kim Anderson and I work at Awana headquarters. I read your blog post and am so glad your children had a great year in Awana! I also read that you attended Awana as a young girl and I'd love to hear about your Awana experience. I write stories for the Awana Web site and would love to hear more about your story. Feel free to email me at and perhaps we could talk sometime in the next few weeks.
Kim Anderson