Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sister Act

A couple weeks ago the students at NTBI had a "No talent night". This is a time where the students do some songs and comedy acts, and is generally the highlight of the spring semester.
This year, my daughters asked if they could be in it. Why not? So, these three brave little girls went on stage in front of a bunch of college students and danced and sang to the "Sisters" song from the movie "White Christmas". It was really cute, and I was proud of them for being so brave!

Here they are preforming.

I think it helped their bravery that their Daddy was the M.C.


jbj said...

i think that is the cutest thing ever! How did Auntie b not know that was going to happen so she could be there to see it is what i want to know!!!

Tomesia said...

super cute dresses! i wish i could have been there :)

Sheri said...

We love that song Tamara!! Your girls are adorable!! What a special performance! *Hugs*