Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Medieval March Madness

I know I haven't posted in a while. March always seems like such a busy month for us. It is reading month in school, so Emma comes home with and extra 20 minutes (at LEAST) of homework each night, the warm weather beckons us to spend time outdoors and neglect the usual routine we have. Also, we are preparing for the big Spring Fling here at NTBI.
This year it was called "Spring Fling Medieval Thing", and it was a huge success! I was not as involved this year due to my many doctor's appointments, but I was thoroughly impressed with the evening. Everything from the turkey legs and bread bowls of stew for supper, to the jousting on hobby horses attached to scooters made the night a fun one! I only wish my camera was working better. It has been on the fritz lately.
As far as my health goes, the doctor may have figured it out! Part of it was that I was having a strange reaction to my thyroid medicine. I have been off it for almost two weeks now, and feel ever so much better! They also think I may have endometriosis, and so I am scheduled for a quick surgery on April 19th. Nothing too bad. It is an out patient procedure.
The girls are growing by leaps and bounds, and amazing me every day. I am so blessed. It has been a busy month, but we are enjoying life!

Here is the gym at the school. Check out all the costumes!

Addie kicking Josie's bottom at Wii boxing. :)

Here is a picture of my new haircut. I like it. :)


Tomesia said...

love all the pics! i hope there are more coming of your medievil thing. hugs and kisses

Elizabeth Eckard said...

So the picture of the girls is my favorite. So accurately describes each of them. Love it!