Monday, March 8, 2010

As the Snow Melts

After the week of snow, we had a week of beautiful weather, reaching a high of 45 degrees yesterday! With the thaw, comes perfect packing snow! We had a lot of snow, and we decided to make the most of it. Josie, Emma and I went and made a snowman to greet our neighbors as they drive down the alley. :)

Josie and Emma pose with Mr. Chilly. I think it was Josie who named him.

Isn't he a friendly snowman? He lasted four days before his head melted off. That is pretty good!

Where was Addie during all of this? She was watching a movie. She didn't want to get wet. I didn't blame her. :) Plus it is no fun to have a crabby, soggy toddler cry while you are making winter memories. She will just have different ones. :)


Sarah said...

TOO cute!!
i don't think i've ever made a legit snowman... just a couple of dinky ones. but i'm with addie... i'd much rather be inside watching a movie! :)

Tomesia said...

I like that....she'll just have different winter memories. nicely put.