Thursday, December 4, 2008

Raffle Dinner

Pretty much every semester the senior class raffles off dinner with the staff. We always laugh at this, because we have students over for dinner at least three nights a week, usually more. So, doing the raffle dinner is never that big of a deal, except occasionally we get students over that haven't yet been, so it's nice.
This year I decided to make it "fancy". Well, as fancy as I know how to do. I even broke out the "Christmas china". Basically I got some Christmas china as a wedding gift, but I rarely get to use it, because we are usually gone at Christmas.
Well, last year we used it (maybe?) and then we used it Monday. :)
We had a good time having our "regulars" Jesse and David over, and some new students, Spencer and Lisa with their baby girl Abby.
It was a fun night. We are glad they put their tickets in our bag. :)
All of us for the raffle dinner.

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