Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"I'll Be Home For Christmas..."

I thought that since we had not a single family member come over for Christmas this year, I would post pictures of our home decked out for the season. This is for all my dear friends far away that could not visit this year as well. We miss you! Merry Christmas!

This is my FAVORITE! Back in 1997 when Josh and I were dating we went to a Christmas parade downtown the day after Thanksgiving. We were going through shops and I saw a nativity I loved in an antique shop. The next day he went and bought it for me and surprised me that Christmas with it! So romantic!

Wreathes on the doors.

Nativity on my high bookshelf next to the globe. Very fitting I think. "Go ye, into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."

A little paper ornament...

...on our decorated house plant. :)

Salt and pepper anyone?

A little touch of red to make it things festive.

This is the window looking out the back yard.

We wrapped garland around the pillars that separate the living room and dining room.

Our Christmas tree, complete with lights burned out on the bottom and in the middle. He he!

Good tidings to you where ever you are...

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Rachel said...

I love how Christmasy your house is! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas :)

thesscurry said...

Tamara - we'll get there before the dressings and decorations come down?! Your house is beautiful!

Love you - see you soon

Borbe Bunch said...

HI friend, you are so sweet to read about my Ez man, thanks for being such a sweet friend! Much love, and hoping you enjoyed your holidays...