Friday, August 22, 2008

Whirlwind of a Month!

Have you missed us? Have you even noticed we were gone? This has been a very busy time for us with the student leadership training, registration, orientation, and all the includes. When you take that, and add that our computer broke (again) that leaves no time to fix the computer, and then no time to blog!
Whether you missed us or not, I sure missed blogging! I can't believe I still have pictures from Fair havens to post. I have a ton of great ones, but I will leave it at these. No need for it to be December, and you are still reading about our vacation in July!
Thanks to all you loyal readers who have let me know it was time I updated!
Ben and Josh. No they are not Oakley models.

Addie made it to the top! What a trooper! That was a much bumpier ride than we thought it would be.

I love this picture of Ben. It looks like it would be on the back of some great photography book that he had published. Ben, when you publish a photography book, you have my permission to use this photo. :)

The best of the attempts at a family photo.

I thought this was hilarious! We were just trying to get a picture of the three girls on a big rock. Seems simple enough. The Curry and Snyder families had no troubles. Well, this says it all. I LOVE Emma's "Good Grief" face. Oh, and also that Ken is hiding behind Addie so she won't fall! Good times!


thesscurry said...

I love the whole idea of December and still blogging about July vacation! It sounds like a great time!

We have missed you - and have been praying for you in the midst of the insanity.

Bemily said...

I think that the guys can pull off being Okaly models don't you think? Great pics!!! Miss you!!!