Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A laugh for you today!

Can you see what the sign says? Go ahead and click on it to enlarge. Since when do banks have cigarette specials? Ha ha!
Okay, really this was a sign at a gas station, but I thought it looked too funny, like something you would read in Reader's Digest or see on Jay Leno.
Hope it put a smile on your face today!


Rachel said...

Thanks for pointing out that I had missed you in my friends list! I lost everything when I changed my template last night. This morning I found I had missed one other person too. So please don't feel like I don't love you! I am just have a memory problem!

Sarah said...

it looks like i'm not the first to visit from korea! i've been totally going through mathew family withdrawals! seems like you're having an awesome summer!! miss you!